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check me out

on the radio this morning for the Good Morning Garage show--my first turn up solo, since James and I shared the first round 2 weeks ago. No special guests this time, so it was definitely a different atmosphere (aka no swarms of fans crowding around the DJ booth, lol). Just a couple people hanging out in the Tully's. But it was lots of fun, and I guess I did a good enough show ^_^
They took a picture to post on the GMG website.

10:29 PM

in cyberland, we only drink... diet coke

Today I went to a press conference for the Japan touring production of Rent. It was extra-special cool cause Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp--who originated the roles of Roger and Mark, and played them in the movie--were there too!
Originally I was supposed to get to interview one of them, like one-on-one, but there wasn't enough time or something, so I just ended up going to the press conference at the Shibuya HMV. Which actually turned out to be pretty darn fantastic. So first, AP and Anthony came out and performed "What You Own," literally like 5 feet in front of me! The fanboys behind me were screaming their heads off, lol.

They did a little Q&A bit of course, with the two guys plus Yuka Takara who plays Alexi--cause even tho she's not a huge role in the show, she's the only Japanese cast member, so of course they trotted her out, lol. Tho she was absolutely the most adorable thing I've ever seen. A totally cool person.
Then of course they had to bring out the obligatory tarento, which in this case was Yamada Yu who apparently is a "big fan" of the musical. Whether that's true or not, she acted pretty excited--and was actually pretty cute. Tho... my GOD the woman is tall. I mean, granted she was also wearing like 5 inch heels, but still.

Then, even better--the rest of the cast all came out and joined them and they all sang "Seasons of Love"! well, not the whole cast, but basically all the principals--Collins, Mimi, Angel, Benny, plus Gwen Stewart who does the fantastic female solo in the middle of "Seasons" (she's also an original cast member).
It was absolutely incredible, I was sort of tearing up there for a minute even. I would love to go see the show, but I dunno if I can. I mean, it runs through end of August so I could prob swing it, but I don't know of anyone who would go with me. If I could get a press ticket on the other hand... lol.

Oh, and did I mention I'm now on the radio? In addition to the podcast, I'm on the actual radio now! InterFM (76.1) has a morning show, Good Morning Garage, and every Thursday morning at 9:15am, there's sort of a Metropolis corner, where we come in and talk about what's in the mag, events for the weekend, etc. Rather like the Metpod, actually. Will used to do it, but since he's left they needed a replacement. And both James and I volunteered, so we went together last week for the first time, and now we'll be switching off. James took this morning, so I'll be on next week. It's a lot of fun, but I do have to get up about an hour early in the morning to make it on time. Ah, the sacrifices, lol.

Also, check out my bar review in this week's mag. We're not talking Thrash Zone level or anything, but pretty good all the same. (^_^)

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Minato Mirai Fireworks Grand Finale

And the finale!
Gotta love japanese fireworks.

11:16 PM

Fireworks part 2

Here it gets a little fancier.

9:53 PM

This weekend I went to see the fireworks over at Minato Mirai (technically, the Kanagawa Shinbun Fireworks). It's the same ones we saw last year from the balcony at IUC--they had a party for the summer students and we crashed it, got to watch the hanabi from up high. But this year they set off the fireworks over a different place in the harbor so it was on the other side of the building from the balcony.
So this year we had to watch down with the commoners (lol). But I went over with J and his mom, it was her last weekend here, and even from the ground the fireworks were absolutely fantastic. And I took videos!
Here's part 1.

There's two more vids of the fireworks, but they were too long, or something, and wouldn't upload for some reason. So I put them on youtube (lol)

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So in honor of it's been just about forever since I've updated my blog, I decided to change the layout.
No idea if I'll keep it like this, I'm still deciding.

And that is really it, as I am totally wiped and going to sleep.
Work has been heinously, gut-wrenchingly busy lately but I survive, and will update for real soon.

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whee!!! (on so many levels)

so totally enjoying the rocking-out of my life atmo. it's been a really great weekend (week?)
First off... this isn't at all set in stone yet so it's possible I'm jinxing the hell out of myself, but it's looking like I might get to do an interview with Narimiya Hiroki!!!!! read: very famous actor, one of the it-guys of the moment, generally considered to be pretty hot--don't judge him solely by the pic in the wiki entry, he usually doesn't look that creepy (altho he does do creepy really well).
I wrote up a kikakusho the other day, and the PR company passed it along to his management, so as long as they don't decide Metropolis is full of shit, I should be hearing some good news by mid-week. Next step--figure out how the hell I'm going to be able to suppress my inner fangirl enough to appear properly professional and journalisty. (>_<)

Then on Thursday, I went over to Roppongi Hills for a press conference for the release of Hip-Hop Abs (from the creators of Core Rhythms and Billy's Boot Camp!) lol. Anyway, it was quite amusing, not least because the promotional tie-up was with Go Hiromi's new single, which he performed at the press conference. (see an old Metropolis article about his career) The man may be a bit plastic surgery for my taste, but there's no denying he looks damn good for 53 years old.

Then yesterday, I grabbed Nermie and made the trek out to Saitama (my first trip to the 'burbs) to see Condors! You might remember them from the Condors/Jealkb "B.L." show that we went to a few weeks ago. Coincidentally, right after we went to see that, Dan decided he'd be doing an Agenda blurb about them. So, as is common, they offered to give us press tickets to go see the show--which Dan didn't want, probably mainly cause he didn't feel like going all the way out to Saitama. So they gave the invite to me, and I managed to get tix for both me and Nermie, cause we'd been wanting to see a Condors show ever since BL.
Anyway, it was fantastic! And only confirmed that Fujita Yoshihiro is officially my favorite member ^_^ You can't tell from the photo here, but his hair is currently blonde with hot-pink streaks. He is a rock star.
AND to top it all off, when we went out to the lobby after, several of the members were actually out there, selling the goods themselves! My boy Fujita was over at the t-shirt stand, cause he creates all of the designs for the group's shirts. So of course I bought one! (Nermie got a towel)

Only to find out--even better--that they were signing the t-shirts too! So of course I got Fujita's signature XD which is a really awesome sig, btw:
Isn't the lil ducky cute? Or...I guess he's meant to be a condor? lol. but now i'm not sure if I can ever wear the shirt. Cause, if I wear it then I'll have to wash it--and the signature might come off! Hmm... I will have to give this one some thought.
But I haven't even gotten to the BEST PART of the story.
I'm standing there waiting as Fujita signs my shirt, when all of a sudden he looks up and is like "You came before too, right?"
I swear to god, the inside of my head just went completely 真っ白. My reaction was so disbelieving he thought maybe he was mistaken and started to be all, "oh..is it your first time" and I'm like no! I just am in complete and total shock that you actually REMEMBERED us! I mean, I know as gaijin we tend to 目立つ rather more than your average japanese person, but they actually saw us in the audience and remembered!!
*floats away on waves of fangirl happy*

so yeah, that was a good day. Nermie and I celebrated by going to her Jiyugaoka darts bar and splitting a bottle of wine and a cheese plate... and then splitting another bottle of wine and staying and chatting with Ken, the bartender, until the trains started running again at 5am. Yeah. Tho I have to admit I started dozing off at the bar around 4:30 (for some reason wine makes me way sleepier than other kinds of alcohol)
With the result that it is now nearly 5pm on a Sunday and I am still in my pajamas, having accomplished nothing more impressive than this blog post and the making of a cup of coffee--in spite of the rather dire laundry situation in which I find myself.